Transform Your Life

Make Yourself A Priority: Take Time from the everyday fast pace life and practice Self Love and Self Care. Find True Balance of Mind, Body and Soul.
We know that your body is the vessel for life, and we want you to feel confident in its capabilities. 
December Retreat - 12/2 - 12/5 2022
January  Retreat - 01/13 - 01/17 2023
February Retreat - 02/24 - 02/27 2023
March Retreat - TBD 2023

Experience Casa Wellness

Intimate Farm Style Accommodations up to 10 guests

Healthy Delicious Meals

Juice Cleansing and Nutrition Workshops

Yoga for Balance, Strength & Flexibility

Pranayama Breathing Exercises for Physical & Mental Wellness

Mindful Meditation to Calm Mind & Body.

Chakra Balancing for Energy Healing & to Create Balance.

Sound Bath Therapy to Soothe the Nervous System.

Dancing Meditation to Calm State of Mind.

Visualization & Intentions Setting to Create Strong Mental Image of the Future.

One-on-one “Activation” Sessions with Natalia

Group Wellness Activities


Nightly Movie Nights, Static Dance, Bon Fire


Whether you are seeking to ground, heal, de-stress, or merely unwind by escaping the City without leaving the City minus the high traveling costs, Casa Wellness is the escape for you. 

We are here to assist our Community in the aid of Mindfulness workshops, Nutrition, Breathing and Meditation tools that will restore Happiness, Serenity and bring you into Present Moment Activation.


We will utilize various holistic healing modalities and techniques to help you relax and realign your whole body, bringing you back into balance. 

We will emphasize on helping you let go of past troubles or trauma to assist you in gaining more tools to discover your purpose and reason for being here. We will teach you special stress and anxiety management techniques that can change your life. 

We invite you to experience Aura Wellness for a difference that can last a lifetime. 

A life changing experience

- Taso Sadik, Miami FL

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Wellness Coordinator: 518-461-4150
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